Village of Allliance, Alberta

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Village of Alliance

Near the Battle River,  just off Highway 36 between Highway 12 and Highway 13,  the longest straight section of railway in Western Canada begins at Alliance - Battle River Railway - a historical rail company that features a tourism train, and freight transport.

This is a spirited community where neighbours and friends are like family. You'll always be greeted with a smile and a cheerful hello. A walking trail surrounds the village and our tree-lined streets are cozy and inviting. In the spring and summer, Alliance bursts with blossoms, while the fall brings a riot of colors. The nearby river valley is breathtaking all year round.

Farming, ranching, oil and gas activity  help make up the economic base - as do the twenty-nine local businesses and the many home-based activities.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Regular Village Council meeting

Changed to Tuesday, August 18th at 9 AM
(previously scheduled for Wed, Aug. 19th)

All Council meetings are open to the public.

Local Authorities Election Act (Sec. 26)
Local Jurisdiction VILLAGE OF ALLIANCE, Province of Alberta
Notice is hereby given that Nomination Day is 24 AUGUST 2015 and that nominations for the election of candidates for the following offices will be received at the location of the local jurisdiction office set out below between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12:00 NOON on Nomination Day. A digital photograph will be taken of each candidate during the above hours.
                       Office(s)                                              Number of Vacancies
COUNCILLOR                                     ONE (1)
Location (address) of Local Jurisdiction Office:
Village of Alliance
209 Main Street
Alliance, AB T0B 0A0
Dated at the Village of Alliance, in the Province of Alberta, this 10th day of August 2015.
Jacqueline Zacharuk
Returning Officer